Digital Wallet and Cryptocurrencies

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Sep 30

Introduction to Blockchain wallet

Blockchain is one of the greatest innovation in the modern world for making payments more secure. Blockchain wallet app is designed for fast and secure online payment management. It has made online payment easier than ever before. Due to this, the demand and popularity of blockchain wallet development have been continuously rising.

This article makes businesses and individuals understand how these blockchain wallets work, how secure and easier are the transactions made with these wallets. Blockchain wallet is a program that allows to monitor, transact and conduct cryptocurrency. In crypto wallets, transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

How does a blockchain wallet work?

The cryptocurrency wallet without transparent and distributed ledger that makes all the transactions possible. The data is immutable and stored without the possibility of alteration. Blockchain is a type of an electronic ledger (digital database) which keeps an unchangeable record of data operations. These operations are grouped in “blocks”. The data is decentralized and stored across the network. Each and every block is linked to the previous one and time-stamped. These links create “chains”.

All operation on the blockchain is recorded and confirmed anonymously in a form of a shared ledger among many parties. Blockchain transactions are based on two types of keys:

  • Private key

  • Public key

Major cryptocurrencies are built upon a system that uses pairs of keys: public keys, which are publicly known and essential for identification, and private keys, which are kept secret and are used for authentication and encryption.

Types of blockchain wallets

Desktop wallet.   A desktop wallet is installed on a PC or laptop. This is usually a safer option than web wallets that run in the cloud. This type of wallet best suited if you are not planning to access the wallet frequently. Blockchain status can be updated when needed by connecting to the network.

Mobile wallet. A Mobile app either in Android or IOS platforms can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone or tablet. The app can work in real-time and assist in crypto as well as the token payments. This best suited if frequent transactions are to be conducted.

Hardware wallets. These wallets store private keys for users on a hardware device (such as USB). Hardware wallets are compatible with several web interfaces and offer support for multiple cryptocurrencies. These wallets can be used by connecting to the Internet and entering a pin. This is one of the safest available options for the user who doesn’t access the wallets regularly.


Easy to Use.   The blockchain wallet can be accessed via various interfaces such as desktops, laptop and mobile applications. The mobile app can be downloaded easily and installed. In desktops and laptops, the wallet can be accessed via special application or browsers. Choose the blockchain wallet app that suits your mobile device’s OS and installs it.

Security.  Blockchain wallet app development has made online payments more secure. Only the concerned people are involved when the transaction happens in the wallet. A combination of the public and a private key is required at both ends to make a transaction.

Lower Regulation. There is no restriction on transferring funds. Since it is a decentralized process, a user can not block or reject the transferred funds. Nobody has control over the blockchain wallet app development or its application while transferring funds. The usage and conversion to fiat currencies can be restricted by the country’s policies.

Features and Applications of Blockchain Wallet App

Cryptocurrencies.   The blockchain wallet will let you trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc through a mobile application.

Private currencies.  As the owner of the business, you can launch your own token. It can be a stable coin which as the name suggest the pricing is more stable and backed by the business. The private coins and crypto coins can be used for trading against other currencies. These currencies may fluctuate based on market sentiments.

Fiat Currencies.   Based on the policies and regulations of the country, the business can allow trading of the cryptocurrency with fiat currency. This is very essential for new investors to buy crypto and exit if necessary.

Staking.  It is the act of locking cryptocurrencies long term to receive rewards. The businesses owning the blockchain wallet can allow users to stake for a reward that can be accrued at regular intervals. Proof of Stake is a mechanism in which participants can lock their stake and at particular intervals, the protocol randomly assigns the right to one of them to validate the next block. Typically, the probability of being chosen is proportional to the number of coins, the more coins locked up, the higher the chances.

Utilization.  The business offering private coins has the advantage of allowing users to utilise the coins they have invested by means of sale of goods or services. This a trip to a tourism destination, purchase at registered shops, loans, travel, etc.


Blockchain wallet app has numerous applications in the current scenario. The valuation of the cryptocurrencies are at an all-time high. It is a very critical period for any business to develop their wallet and launch it when the business environment is conducive. The reason for selecting blockchain wallet development as a payment option is the security and flexibility it offers.

Smartchainers has the experience and technical know-how to develop or white label the mobile wallet application that suits your business needs.

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