Say hello to the Blockchain based Herd Lifecycle Management

SmartHerd is a world class application which help you manage the lifecycle and productivity of animal in your farm. Intuitive data entry and reporting helps increase productivity.


We help Dairies and Farms manage their operations

Animal Lifecycle Management

Centralised management of entire lifecycle of the cattle from birth, AI, milking and disposal

Farm Productivity

Track the productivity of each cattle like milk production, SNF entry, Fat content. Analyse the productivity of each cattle with reports and graphs.

Veterinary and Health Data

Add health and medication details like AI, Antibiotics given, Health Diagnosis, dehorning and Medication details

Customizable and adaptable to farms of any size and scale of operations

Thanks to is modular design and cloud based architecture the software can scaled to match specific needs of the dairy farms. It can also be used by dairy societies which pool milk from individual farmers.

The solution has custom built milk management system, animal as well as farmer identification, feeding, treatment and disposal entries. The solution can also be integrated with systems in the farm for milk yield calculations.


Customer centric features build to manage the cattle farm

Multiple Roles

The Smartherd system provide features for multiple roles in the software like admin, societies, veterinary doctors,

Milk Production

Able to cattle wise milk production with entries for quantity, SNF, Fat content. The data can extracted from systems in farms also.

Reproduction Entry

AI, Calving, dry off, in-milk and abortion related entries can added for animals. Alerts can be set specific incidents.


Add prevention data such as vaccination and deworming.

Animal Health

Track the animal health with parameters such as body weight, age, treatment, lactation curve, dehorning, etc


Add and track treatments done to animal like diagnosis, medicines given, surgery done and dehorning along with costs

Doctor Features

Veterinary doctors can add their visits to the farmers, hospital visits, treatments done for animals and receive queries online


View and download detailed reports on productivity, daily summary and complete activities in the animal life cycle


Societies managing individual farmers can support them by in app queries, FAQs and alerts

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