Advanced Field Team CRM tool to boost your Business

Advanced and convenient tool to improve your field team’s performance via automation built in Blockchain.

Manage and scale up a highly efficient field operationsPlan, Track and Monitor leads with stunning dashboards and reports

Geo Location Tracking

Track and collaborate the field team activity via simple and efficient mobile app

Customer and Visit Management

Manage your customers and your field team’s visits to them. Reduce lead time by improving efficiency.

Day Planning

Plan the day for the field team. Customer visit schedules, attendance time and best routes.

Lead Management

Add customers and their journey in sales funnel to being successful paying customer

Lead Uberisation

Uberisation of leads by Broadcasting them to all field team in the location. The nearest user can accept and service the lead.

Insights and Reports

Get real time dashboards and reports of the field operations. Relevant and actionable data helps in decision making

Grow your business With Field Force

A powerful and comprehensive field team management platform that allows business to scale efficiency and revenue.

From our deep understanding of technology and businesses we launched the FieldForce application. Our vision is to automate the field sales operation and eliminate any inefficiency in the process. Be it sales or operations a streamlined system can help field team’s productivity.

Applicationsof Field Force

At Field Force we believe any size of company and industry will require a CRM and sales management tool. The flexibility and simplicity of the field force app allows it to be easily adopted in any business.

  • KYC/Document collection

    Field teams can now simplify the document collection process

  • Field Sales

    Sales CRM can assist manage leads and improve conversions

  • Geo Attendance

    Field team can report their work and attendance realtime

  • Scheduled Services

    Home/office repairs, nursing, appliance service, deliveries and other services can be managed

  • Blockchain-as-a-Service

    Field Force is a Blockchain powered field team management platform Enabling Immutable Sales Records

    Field Forces’s blockchain CRM platform combines the dramatic simplicity of SaaS with performance, security, real time connectivity and scalable enterprise-grade solution. Move beyond outdated solutions that cannot grow along with your business and offer flexibility to suit your needs.

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