Security Token Offering (STO)

Smartchainers support next generation startups and enterprises in achieving their goals by helping them launching their customised Security Token Offering(STO)


Smartchainers offer Security Token and Exchange Platform Development

STO Development

Based upon the distributed ledger technology Smartchainers offers development of advanced security token issuance platform

Exchange Platform

State of art security token exchange platform can be built which is fast, safe and reliable. Tokens can be traded with with other potential investor in the exchange platform.

Mobile Wallet DEvelopment

Develop a mobile wallet that is loved by millions of users and able to handle high volume transactions. Secure and robust technology to ensure safer transfers.

Security Token Development

Smartchainers has extensive experience in developing customized security token platform. We develop technology which allows managing gas price, network congestions, buyback and staking.

User interfaces in mobile and web is developed with modular design and cloud based architecture. Integrated smart contracts help in executing the transactions faster.


Customer centric features built to manage the security token offering

Investor Dashboard

Investors can register, signup and view dashboard with details such as investment portfolio, payment options, wallet details, multi-level referrals, and staking details.


Platform supports various cyptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Accept investments payment integrations across the world

Admin Portal

View investor details, onboarding process, investor management and wallet transactions.

Smart Contract

Create & Deploy smart contract transaction protocol which is automatically execute, controls and validates the transactions as per the terms set.


Perform KYC and AML checks of investors via manual or automated via custom API integrations.


Various integrations can be done for the smooth and efficient performance of the system. This includes payment gateway, cryptocurrencies, KYC, etc


Detailed and comprehensive analytics can be derived from the platform. Token sales, trading, investor registrations, wallet transactions, admin moderations, etc can be performed.

Referral Program

Launch your referral program to increase the sale of tokens. Smartchainers platform offers two levels of referrals, bonus programs and promocode generation.

Technical Support

Smartchainers provides dedicated support and technical help. Cloud management, backups, updates and enhancements can be done.


Enable buyback option for the investors who purchase STO. The buyback brings confidence on the tokens and investor are like to buy Tokens from your offerings.


Staking is an option to give investor regular benefits for their investments in the digital tokens. Smartchainers has developed dedicated staking features which boost investor acquisition and retention.

Multilingual Support

The platform developed by Smartchainers offers multilingual support to reach out to global audience. Local language can enable reaching larger audience and gain more acceptance.

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