Enable Global Payments via Smartchainers digital wallets

Using your local credit card for international travel and shopping in a different country incurs multiple transaction charges. Smartchainers can help you build a global payment system with blockchain wallet and app based payment validation system. Smaller payments are usually charged higher fees by banks for enabling direct payments. Through the Smartchainers payment system a single payment can be done to a local entity and money disbursed to merchants avoiding multiple bank transfers, credit card charges, POS Charges, etc.


Smartchainers offers Blockchain Payments Wallet development

Consumer Wallet

Smartchainers digital consumer wallet is user for uploading money in your local currency and doing payments in other countries. All payments are immutable via blockchain. View offers, payments, transactions, nearby merchants, savings, etc

Merchant Application

Merchant app is used by service providers like hotels, restaurants, shops and others. The merchant using the app can easily reach to travellers and expatriates for selling. They receive the money in local currency by transferring the wallet money to their local accounts.


Smartchainers is expert in mobile app development handling various currencies, payment gateways and cryptocurrencies as well. Real Time APIs and streamlined workflows ensure transparent transactions. We also offer multi language support for a truly global application.

Benefits of Global Payment System

Our expertise in the Blockchain wallet development would help build a secure and stable platform. This offers tangible benefits to admin, users and merchants.

*  Secure and immutable records via blockchain

*  Multi platform and language support

*   Direct transfer of payments and no intermediaries

*   Merchants and service providers can reach to a larger audience

*  Cost savings for companies who send employees on international trips

*   Dashboards, payment records and settlements in transparent system.


Advanced and user friendly features Smart Global Payment System

Hassle Free

Wallets have become an universal product which is easy to use and safe. There is no lengthy process like international credit cards or inconvenience of carrying cash. Quickly upload money and use wherever you like.

Find your merchant

Digital wallets can be an useful mechanism to find the nearby merchant supporting your payments. It can be a hotel, restaurant, shop, spa, supermarket, vehicle rental or any service providers you many need. View the feedback and ratings by previous customers.


Savings is the top advantage of using Smartchainers global payments system. Multiple transaction fees, POS charges, Card fees, Network fees, etc can be avoided by aggregating the payments and directly transferring the money.


Enable KYC/AML process in ewallet registration process. This can be done both mobile app and web interface. This helps secure transactions between valid users of the wallet. Verification can be done manually and through APIs.

User Friendly

Seamless UI and UX of the consumer and merchant wallets are built keeping in mind the latest features and ease of usage. Customer acquisition and retention are a priority when developing a digital wallet.

P2P transactions

Wallets can be used for Peer-to-Peer transactions. The user can transfer balance to your friends or family. This features helps in settling any balance amounts within individuals. Also transfer back to your local account on returning from travel.

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