Tokenize High Value assets via Blockchain

Digital securities is disrupting various industries. Tokenize high value assets like real estate, fine arts, mines, technology, minerals and even projects through blockchain for secure transactions.

OverviewSmartchainers offer smart tokenization platform and exchange

Tokenise Asset

Fractionalise high value asset by tokenising them through blockchain.Smartchainers offers end to end tokenization platform development.

Investment Platform

Investor can view assets under sale, number of shares, value of assets, appreciation and other financials. Investors will go through the KYC process and funds will flow through escrow accounts, the same will reflect in investors wallet balance.

Exchange Platform

Invested tokens can be traded with with other potential investor in the exchange or trading platform

State of art tokenisation platform for high value assets sale and token exchange

Tokenisation allow fragmentation of property ownership and provides opportunity for small time investors to enter the high value asset investment property. Tap into the higher liquity from larger pool of smaller investors offer them to own a piece of prime assets across the globe, thereby, earning dividends and capital gains.
Thanks to is modular design and cloud based architecture the software can be scaled to match specific needs of the tokenisation platform

Tokenisation and Trading Platform

A customizable all-inclusive blockchain backed token issuance platform in the high value asset trading industry. Through the platform, owners can tokenize their high value assets or partial ownership of their assets to increase liquiditty.
A token holder can trade tokens with another investor giving them access to secondary market to trade their tokens and allow an exit before the term of the fund

FeaturesCustomer centric features build to manage the tokenisation platform

High Liquidity

Tokenizing your high value assets such as art or real estate will bring in high-volume liquidity. It will help investors with efficient buying and selling of assets. There is also a quick conversion of asset values into money.

Fractional Ownership

Tokenization allows fractional ownership where you can split the value of shares and also their ownership. This helps to sell the entire property or transfer part of the ownership.

Global Reach

Tokenization removes geographical barriers and owners can access investors across the globe, which widely expands business opportunities.

Blockchain Immutability

The Smartchainers tokenisation is build in blockchain platform which provides Provenance, Immutable, Transparency and Traceability.

Real-time transaction

Efficient cloud based Tokenization system helps with quick, efficient peer-peer transactions. Customised work flows and smart contract establish faster transactions.


Admin and platform owner can easily manage the investment process. Digitally onboard investors and embed transfer rules. Automatic and manual KYC/AML.

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