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More About Us

Our Services.

We offer a variety of services in Blockchain technology.

Exploratory Study or Workshops.

SmartChainers can conduct an in-house study of the areas where blockchain could be an opportunity for your company, producing a documented report on our findings. These studies usually take around two weeks. Some businesses prefer us to take a more passive role, participating in ideation workshops to guide your teams find the right concepts.

Feasibility Study.

The Feasibility Study covers technical and/or financial viability of an idea. Technical feasibilities will compare existing blockchains protocols or products to achieve a specific goal, bespoke blockchain designs can be included in the study if necessary. These studies play a major role for startups or intrapreneurs looking to raise capital.

Proof of Concept & Sprints.

Building a prototype or a proof of concept requires specialist knowledge. SmartChainers team has great blockchain experience, in building "burst" sprints, where we would develop a proof of concept in a week for corporate clients.

Blockchain Strategy.

The blockchain technology, or more accurately the blockchain protocols, will start being used in production in the next few months and become mainstream in a few years. Defining your strategy around blockchain is a necessity. From inexpensive market-watch to leading research in distributed ledgers, having a strategy doesn't mean "spending millions" in tech but knowing where you want to be when these threats and opportunities go live. Our team will help you pick the right direction for your company in line with your values.

Advisory services & Market expertise.

This is our most popular service and where our product-agnostic expertise comes to play. When your company is about to consider a blockchain implementation, we review it and guide your business or technical choices from a truly unbiased point of view. A typical example would be a Financial Services company willing to engage a Proof of Concept with a third party, but looking for a serious independent due-diligence/validation before signing the contract. We can also guide you to choose the best teams to develop your products depending on its characteristics.


A day workshop for Executives.

Understanding of blockchains and particularly is an increasing necessity for today's leaders. While executives don't need to understand the inner working of a blockchain, it is really important that they realize the potential opportunities and threats which will affect their industry.

Corporate training

It is very hard to find talents with blockchain experience, and even harder to hire them. Training your existing senior software developers is becoming the only way to scale and be ready for the blockchain-based distributed systems. We deliver trainings to any level: from people with no previous blockchain experience all the way up to very specialized training for senior blockchain developers.

Individual Training.

Individuals can sign up and get their hand dirty on one of our available BlockChain training camp.

Our Projects.

Our list of Projects keeps growing.

Who Are We.

From our deep understanding in all things blockchain we are offering our skill set as a service to institutions wishing to explore, build or integrate with the distributed ledger that is the blockchain.

SmartChainers comprises of business and technical professionals jointly engaged in our blockchain technology practice. We have strong expertise in private and public Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Multichain, Chain and Hyperledger.  Other than the common core abilities in blockchain specifics, our technical members are also highly skilled in various forms of development (application, web, mobile and embedded), testing, certification, systems design and systems administration.

SmartChainer team has considerable experience working with new technologies and specifications still undergoing change, which is clearly where blockchain is currently. They can provide detailed feedback to the client about the suitability and capability of technologies and business concepts to be implemented in the real world.

Your business simply cannot out-innovate the market. No company has a monopoly on talented people. Large companies find it hard to innovate internally due to structural challenges.

Organisations must look outside their own walls to see what is possible and then provide the platform to make it happen, so that they can give their customers what they want.

Our Approach.

We have a very open culture where confidentiality is maintained when it comes to client’s data. Underlying everything is simplicity where “yes” means exactly yes and “no” means exactly no.

Client is the King. So are we!

A client knows his business and similarly we know ours. We give the best of ours to make your business the best among yours.

Best at what we do

We are best at what we do and when we come across something new we make sure we develop expertise in it.

Money is a by-product.

We do what we do because it makes us feel alive and no we do not work for free. But money doesn’t hold the decision power with us.

Get In Touch.

SmartChainers comprises of business and technical professionals jointly engaged in our blockchain technology practice. We have strong expertise in private and public Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Multichain, Chain and Hyperledger.

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